About Our Company

Bellezza Womens Health is a business of Bellezza Sensa L.L.C., an Arizona limited liability company, located in Prescott, Arizona.  The company was founded in 2008, and has remained committed to providing health care to the women of Yavapai County with hallmarks of Quality, Affordability, and Compassion.  It is "The Care You Deserve!"

Business Philosophy 

As a company and as health care providers, we are here....      

    ...to Live Well
                  Spirit ~ Family ~ Health
        ...to Care Well
                        Quality ~ Affordability ~ Compassion
            ...to Serve Well
                              Neighbors ~ Industry ~ Community

...TO LIVE WELL - We are here because doing what we were made to do keeps our Spirit healthy, and it allows us to provide for our Families. But, we manage our work lives to maintain our own Health.

...TO CARE WELL - We are here to provide Quality medical services that reflect the best that modern science and the art of medical care has to offer.  We carefully manage our business so we can provide those services at an Affordable cost.  We invest the time and attention in our patients necessary for us to provide our services with the Compassion that our patients deserve, and we would want for ourselves and our patients.

...TO SERVE WELL - We strive to be good Neighbors to those who operate businesses around us, to be a credit to the medical services Industry, and to effectively contribute to the well being of our Community.

 If you have any questions or concerns about our services, fees, billings, or office practices, please ask to speak with our nurse practitioner, Edie Morgan. We value your feedback.  Help us serve you better!

Our Financial Policies

For information on some of our key financial policies, please see our Insurance and Payment Arrangements page.