The following may help answer some of your questions.  If your question isn't answered, please send us a Messageor call or write us as shown on our Contacts page.

Q: What is a "Nurse Practitioner"?

A: Nurse Practitioners are advance practice nurses licensed by the Arizona State Board of Nursing and authorized to provide health care services directly to patients within their scope of practice.  Physician supervision is not required in the state of Arizona and Nurse Practitioners are issued their own prescribing licenses.  For those patients requiring services outside the Nurse Practitioner's scope of practice (e.g. extensive surgery, unusual medical conditions, etc.), Nurse Practitioners refer patients to appropriate clinicians.  Nurse Practitioners have advanced specialized education, including a masters degree from accredited colleges or universities, and are required to pass a board examination.  In addition, Nurse Practitioners may obtain certifications in specific fields, by establishing their experience and passing competency exams.

Q: What services do you not provide?

A: We provide comprehensive gynecological health care for women of all ages.  At this time, although we have a Certified Nurse Midwife on staff, and provide 1st and 2nd trimester obstetrical services, we do not provide delivery services.  Patients needing delivery services, surgery, or treatment by a specialist, will be referred to an appropriate provider. Please refer to our Services page.

Q: Are Nurse Practitioners covered by malpractice insurance?

A: Most are.  All of the services provided by our medical staff, are covered by malpractice insurance. 

 Q:  What health insurances do you take?

A: Most major health insurances, including AHCCCS (Bridgeway, Phoenix Health Plan and IPA), Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, GEHA, United HealthCare, HealthChoice Integrated Care,  etc..  If you are insured by a company for whom we are not a provider, we will work to either become a provider with them, or to provide our services without increasing your health care costs.