Labs & Testing

Completing Testing

If you have been referred for lab testing or diagnostic, please complete  your testing within 72 hours, or as scheduled.  If you do not complete testing as ordered, we will be required to follow up with you.  If medications were prescribed on the basis of expected lab results or other testing, refills may be denied if the testing is not completed.  If you have missed an appointment for scheduled testing, please contact the testing facility to reschedule as soon as possible, and then let us know your new appointment so we can update our records that testing has been delayed.


We will automatically contact you when we have received and reviewed your lab and other diagnostic testing results. Normally, this is within 72 hours of our receiving the results. Please help us keep your healthcare costs down by not prematurely requesting your results.

Unless your testing was ordered on an emergency basis, it normally takes up to 2 weeks from when you completed the testing for us to receive results. If more than 2 weeks have passed since you completed your testing, please alert us by requesting your results by submitting a request from our Patient Portal or by calling our office.