Insurance and Payment Information

We are committed to openness and fairness in our financial policies.  To that end, the following are some of our key financial policies.


We accept most major insurance plans, and are contracted providers for many, including: 

AHCCSS (Bridgeway, Phoenix Health Plan and IPA)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
United Health Care
Many others

Most of our services are covered by almost all major insurers.  There are, however, some therapies which some insurers do not cover, including certain forms of birth control, hormone replacement therapies, and weight management therapies.  If you are concerned about coverage, ask your insurer, or check with our staff prior to your appointment.

When your care is covered by insurance, we will ordinarily collect from you, at the time of service, your co-payment, and any amounts within your deductible.  Generally, we are obligated to your insurer to collect such amounts, and cannot waive them.  If you have questions about your co-pay or deductible amounts, you may want to contact your insurer directly prior to your appointment.

For patients with insurance, we will work with you and your insurer to identify amounts that will be covered by your insurance, and to identify the portion of the fees for which you are responsible.  However, your coverage is a contractual matter between you and your insurer which we do not control, and you will be required to pay all portions of our fees for which you are responsible under your insurance agreement.

For those patients without insurance, we generally offer a cash discount.  

Well Woman Exams

Beware!  Many insurers promote their provision of full coverage for a “well woman exam,” but will not consider an exam under that coverage if the exam goes beyond a routine physical and pap smear. Accordingly, if any health problem is diagnosed or discussed or prescription issued during the course of a scheduled well woman exam, the visit may be covered under lower regular benefits (subject to all co-pays, deductibles, etc.) rather than under the plan’s higher well woman benefits.  This may result in reduced coverage of even that portion of the visit related to traditional well woman exam services.

During a well woman exam patients generally have the option of either: (1) proceeding with a full examination related to all their health issues, and potentially having reduced coverage as a result; or (2) scheduling a separate office visit to address their known or discovered health problems in the hopes of having their well woman exam covered under their well woman exam benefits, and the second visit covered under regular benefits.  

Please be aware that regardless of the patient's preferences, our health care providers are legally and professionally obligated to document what actually occurs during a visit, and that information must be provided to the patient's health insurer.  Accordingly, we are unable to avoid your loss of special well woman exam coverage by failing to document problems addressed, diagnoses made, or prescriptions issued.

If this system seems ridiculous to you (as it does to us), we encourage you to contact your health insurer.  They can change it, we can't.


We accept cash, personal checks (with appropriate ID), debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.   Payment is due at the time services are rendered, unless prior arrangements have been made. To make an online payment, please use our secure patient portal.

Payments sent via mail, please send to our billing address:

PO BOX 98379  
Phoenix, AZ 85038-0379


When prior arrangements have been made, or if insurance coverage requires it, we may bill you for unpaid amounts, which includes deductibles, co-pay, and co-insurance.  We process all patient and insurance billings in-house  If you have questions about your balance or our billings, please contact our office. Our contact information is available on our Contacts Page

Third Party Services

Some costs, such as laboratory fees, diagnostic tests, etc., are not collected by our company, Bellezza Sensa, L.L.C., and the costs are set by those providing such services.  You will be obligated to pay them directly for their services.  If you have questions about such fees, you may wish to ask at the time of your appointment.  Otherwise, concerns about those fees, or collecting of amounts owed for such third party services should be directed to the company billing you for such services.

Genpath maintains a phlebotomist and technician on site at our offices, to collect lab samples. Their contact information is available on our Contacts Page.